♡ AbBiE's FiRsT bLoG 

Hey Guys Its July 24th 2007 and I Just Started my Weeb. My Name Is Abigail But Everyone Calls Me Abbie. Heres A bit about fa-ahbulous me! I Love To Hang Out With My Friends Bcuz They Always Make Me Feel Happy. I especially Luvh My BFF Talli/Aly! She Is The Best Of The World Bcuz We Always Hang out together and make cool things up LOL. She is also the one who told me about this site so I made it and guess what I'm happy I made it! The other thing is i love to play tennis,basketball , and kickball aka soccer lol. I love my pet cookie bcuz he is so adoroble and funny like he can knock down a oreo cookie to a bowl lol. Well i'm happy your reading this so thanks alot luvh ya :-D ♡ ♡ ♡ PS Go To the Abbie/Aly page now! ♡ luvh ya

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